Shooting Israel / ‚Sad beauty‘

10.12.2011                      14.Kislev. 5772                       Wajischlach


Shooting Israel / 'Sad beauty'

Jungjin Lee's photo of Midreshet Ben-Gurion reveals her interpretation of the Land of Israel as a metaphor – as something that can be anywhere, she says.

"In this picture I show Israel's sad beauty," the Korean photographer Jungjin Lee says, as she looks at one of her recent works. Lee, who turned 50 this year, is one of three women who took part in the "Shooting Israel" photography project, in which 12 leading photographers from around the world spent a lengthy period documenting Israel through their lenses.
Lee took this picture about a year ago at Midreshet Ben-Gurion in the Negev. As elsewhere, here too she tries to describe through photography thoughts that she cannot express in words. The viewer must adopt an introspective, meditative sort of gaze, the kind Lee has personally used in recent years….