Should, and can, Israel attack Iran’s nuclear facilities?

12.11.2011                      15.Cheschwan. 5772                      Wajera


Should, and can, Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities?

The IAEA's report on Iran's nuclear drive may have confirmed Jerusalem's suspicions about Tehran, but it also left in its wake a panoply of questions about what Israel, or anybody, should do next.

Two days after the media uproar stirred by the release of the International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran's nuclear program, questions still linger. How close is Iran to assembling its first nuclear bomb, or fitting a nuclear warhead onto a Shahab-3 missile? Has the Iranian leadership, headed by supreme leader Ali Khamenei, already decided to assemble a nuclear weapon? What is the best way of coaxing Iran to abandon its nuclear program, or slowing it down? Could we reconcile with the idea of a nuclear Iran? Does such a weapon really pose a threat to Israel's existence?
Nobody has decisive answers to these questions. People do not like living with uncertainty. They want clear answers. They do not like changing their views, even when required….