Sites and Insights: 7 Israel Museum ‚must-sees‘

05.06.2012                      15.Siwan. 5772

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Sites and Insights: 7 Israel Museum 'must-sees'

It may sound odd to go indoors to see a museum while traveling the Holy Land, but some museums you can only see in Israel.

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem recently reopened after many years and millions of dollars in renovation. You may not be a “museum person,” but this one has stuff in it you should see. Especially if you have an interest in the Bible….

1.  Ketef Hinnom Amulets 

2.  Tel Dan Inscibtion

3.  Sennacherib's Prism

4.  Heel Bone of Crucified Man

5.  Trumpeting Inscription from the Temple Mount

6.  Pilate Inscription

7.  Caiaphas Ossuary