Spice up your life

08.10.2011                      11.Cheschwan. 5772


Spice up your life

Use spices to keep the chill away and fight off winter colds.

My daughter tells me that it snowed today in New York where she is visiting, and the weatherman is predicting zero degree temperatures. I told her to enjoy it because it’s even colder than her destination – Xenia, Ohio – where zero is just the average temperature in April. Fortunately I’m here in Tel Aviv, where save for a few quick showers, the weather is glorious – and it’s already autumn.
If you haven’t already done so, autumn is a good time to add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger to your shopping list – and to your cooking. Recent studies show what the ancients knew instinctively that cinnamon (kinamon in Hebrew) contains powerful antioxidants that can help treat colds and congestion and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. I add a whole quill to rice and grain dishes, cider, chicken and meat dishes, and the ground spice in baked goods and curries….