Strait of Hormuz at center of int’l chess game

25.01.2012                      01.Schwat. 5772                       Rosch Chodesch

Iran Bedrohung:

Strait of Hormuz at center of int'l chess game

If Iran closes the strait, Obama would receive the justification he needs to attack, even in this election year.

A mere 54 kilometers wide at its narrowest point and dotted with tiny islands, the Strait of Hormuz has turned into something of a powder keg, just waiting to explode. The only question is who will light it on fire.
Linking the Persian Gulf with the Indian Ocean, the strait is used to transport about a fifth of the world’s oil on a daily basis, and the popular assessment within the IDF is that Iran – which borders the channel to the north and east – has the ability to shut it down if it so chooses….