‚Strike fallout can never be as bad as nuclear Iran‘

24.11.2011                      27.Cheschwan. 5772                      Jom Kippur Katan

Iran Bedrohung:

'Strike fallout can never be as bad as nuclear Iran'

Former Mossad head Danny Yatom says Israel can't afford to wonder if Tehran "will go crazy and throw a bomb on us".

The outcome of a strike on Iran's nuclear sites, no matter how destructive, can never be as bad for Israel as an Iran armed with nuclear weapons, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom said on Wednesday at a security conference at Bar-Ilan University.
Yatom took up a position that is diametrically opposed to that of another former Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, who sparked significant controversy by stating earlier this year that an attack on Iran would be a foolish move that would lead to a war with an unknown outcome….