Study: Graphic images on cigarette packs reduce demand

22.08.2011                      22.Aw-Elul, 5771


Study: Graphic images on cigarette packs reduce demand

Cigarette packs depicting grotesque photos of cancer received lower bids than packs featuring current US text warning label, researchers found.

Graphic images and slogans on cigarette packages will significantly reduce smoker demand, a new study suggests.

Current US policy requires tobacco companies to cover 50 percent of one side of a cigarette pack with a text warning, but the US Food and Drug Administration recently unveiled nine new cigarette warning labels. The labels, to be unveiled in September 2012, include images of lung and mouth cancer. 

A sample of 404 adult smokers from the US participated in an experimental auction on cigarette packs with four different kinds of warning labels. All packs featured the same message: Smoking causes mouth cancer. However, the displayed message on each pack differed from the text, placement and imagery….