Syria in crisis / Should the people believe Assad’s pledges for reform?

31.03.2011                      25.Adar ll, 5771


Syria in crisis / Should the people believe Assad's pledges for reform?

In first public statement since riots began, Syrian president says his country is the target of a major U.S., Israeli conspiracy.

Syrian President Bashar Assad spoke publicly Wenesday for the first time since the outbreak of widespread demonstrations against his regime. Appearing before the Syrian parliament, he said his country was the target of a major conspiracy, pointing the finger at the United States and Israel.
Assad linked what was happening in the country with Syria's relations with the West. He said not all of the demonstrators who have taken to the streets are traitors to the country, but then warned of an American-Israeli plot against the country. "There are people who went out with good intentions but fell victim to those who wanted to harm the institutions of the government," he said. "There is a conspiracy to dismantle Syria. It began with incitement on the Internet and Facebook and also moved from the media to the streets. We've managed to stop the American-Israeli conspiracy."…