Syria rebels kidnap 13 Lebanese Shi’ites

23.05.2012                      02.Siwan. 5772                    Tag 46 des Omer


Syria rebels kidnap 13 Lebanese Shi'ites

Abductions follow street fighting in Beirut; underscores continued violence in Syria.

Syrian rebels kidnapped 13 Lebanese Shi'ites in the northern province of Aleppo on Tuesday as they returned home from a pilgrimage, triggering protests in Beirut in the latest unrest to spill over from Syria's 14-month-old uprising.
The abductions follow street fighting in the Lebanese capital sparked by the killing of a Lebanese Sunni Muslim cleric opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad – the worst clashes in Beirut since 2008 sectarian fighting that brought back memories of Lebanon's 15-year civil war….