‚Taking Megiddo is like capturing a thousand cities‘

22.04.2011                      18.Nisan, 5771                      Chel Hamo'ed 2; Tag 3 des Omer


'Taking Megiddo is like capturing a thousand cities'

Sights and Insights: In a new column, Dr. Wayne Stiles explores the biblical sites of Israel and how to make the most of a visit.

If history ever compares the ancient land of Israel to the game of “Monopoly,” the site of Megiddo would be Boardwalk—the most coveted spot on the playing board. 
“Taking Megiddo is like capturing a thousand cities,” remarked Pharaoh Thutmose III.  Megiddo’s tremendous value came from its strategic location as the guardian of the most important pass through the Mt. Carmel range. Whoever held Megiddo in the ancient world controlled the traffic and trade along the International Highway to and from Egypt. That meant both military and financial security….