The assassination that changed Turkey’s minds over Armenia

24.01.2012                      29.Tewet. 5772                       Jom Kippur Katan


The assassination that changed Turkey's minds over Armenia

The murder of an Armenian newspaper editor by a 17-year-old Turkish nationalist rattled the country's public. Now, Turks of all political stripes are waiting to see what the political ramifications will be.

“We want to get rid ourselves of this shame. They tell us the Dink affair has come to an end, but the truth is that it is only the beginning,” cried Turkish-Armenian journalist Karin Karaksli with excitement as she spoke from the balcony of the headquarters of “Agos,” Istanbul’s Armenian weekly newspaper. “This is not a closed case, it is a wound,” she added, expressing the feelings of thousands of raging protesters that gathered in front of the newspaper last Thursday.
Hrant Dink was assassinated in broad daylight, on January 19, 2007, at the hands of a 17-year-old Turkish nationalist. Dink – an editor at Agos – called for reconciliation between Turks and Armenians, and criticized the government’s refusal to recognize the Armenian Massacre. As a result, he was “marked” by nationalist forces as an enemy of the Turkish people, and was to be eliminated….