The double life of Israel’s working homeless

21.11.2011                      24.Cheschwan. 5772


The double life of Israel's working homeless

Official figures can be misleading: Many of Israel's homeless fall under the government's radar, and many hold down full-time jobs.

They live a double life; they get up in the morning, brush their teeth, and get the kids ready for another day of school. Then they head to work. At the end of the day they return to a non-home. They live in a tent, in an empty room in the apartment of a grandmother or one of the uncles, in the car, or perhaps they don't even know where they will be at night and search for a place where they can sleep until another day of work the next morning.
More and more people, including people with families, singles or even those soon to be pensioners, are living without housing even though they work, some even full-time. Being a working person no longer prevents you from being defined as poor. Even the National Insurance Institute is familiar with this data….