The future is now at ICON TLV

15.10.2011                      17.Tischrei. 5772                       Chol Hamo'ed 1


The future is now at ICON TLV

The festival spans a gamut of events from science fiction and fantasy to films, comics, video games, lectures and contests.

[admin: Last year (2010), the festival formerly known as ICON launches a new name (and logo) – ICON TLV. The new name looks outward to the wider world (TLV is designation of Israel’s international airport) and embraces the festival’s hometown – Tel Aviv, as the festival itself branches out to include events in Holon, Herzliya and Sderot.]

One of the most anticipated events of the year, the 15th ICON TLV international science fiction and fantasy festival at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque (and other venues around the city) opens October 15 and runs till October 27. Science fiction fans, comic aficionados and film lovers always welcome its mix of movies, video game events, lectures and workshops, art exhibits and comic book fair.
This year’s film festival features both local work and international movies, with screenings of more than 100 films. Among local filmmakers, there is a great deal of interest in the Israeli selections. The film Cats on a Pedal Boat (Hatulim B’sirat Pedalim) sounds especially intriguing. It stars Michael Moshonov (Mabul, Lebanon) and Dana Frider as a couple whose dream date in a pedal boat on the Yarkon goes comically and horribly awry. Cats turn into monsters, psychos stalk them, and then it really gets complicated. This film has stirred curiosity since it started filming last year. ICON will also feature Poisoned, another genre-bending comedy, this one about zombies taking over an IDF base….