The greatest threat to Egypt’s revolution: money

04.01.2012                      09.Tewet. 5772


The greatest threat to Egypt's revolution: money

Egypt may be stumbling toward democracy, but with the economy failing and state coffers drained, a lack of funds may yet undo the gains of the past year.

A year has passed since the first giant demonstration at Tahrir Square in Cairo and one Egyptian screenwriter's harsh words serve to sum up the feelings of many Egyptians.
"This is a state without a real ruler, a state where the law is beaten over the head with an iron bar," lamented Wahid Hamed recently in an article in the daily newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm. "A state where the people suddenly awakened and immediately fell back into a coma. A state that brought about a revolution, and then saw to murdering it without feeling the crime. A state where the forbidden is allowed, which eats what is rotten and is satisfied with that, which advocates corruption and is accepting of robbers and murderers – this is a state that deserves to be in the disgrace in which it is living now."…