The Israel Factor: The Republican presidential candidates

04.07.2011                      02.Tammus, 5771

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The Israel Factor: The Republican presidential candidates

Who does our panel think is the best Republican presidential candidate for Israel?

Our Israel Factor panel has a solid record of preference to middle-of-the-road candidates. It was hard for this panel to get comfortable with Barack Obama’s candidacy back in 2008 – he was an unknown and the panel was more at ease with Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. When it comes to the Republican Party candidate, things were not much different: Rudy Giuliani, very familiar to Israelis, and John McCain, also a familiar veteran, were the candidates this panel preferred – with the unknown and inexperienced novices such as Huckabee and Romney, the panel was not as comfortable. Their marks and their popularity with our panel were lower through the 2008 cycle.

But now it’s 2011, and Romney the novice is the more familiar face of this Republican election cycle. When the panel was assessing him against McCain, Romney had a problem. But when he is running against Pawlenty, Huntsman, Bachmann – Romney is suddenly the candidate the panel knows best and trusts. And he is the candidate that is getting the highest marks from the panel – Giuliani still gets somewhat higher marks, but chances that His honor will be running decline by the day….