The Israeli consumer, model 2012: He’s wary, and he’s mad

29.12.2011                      03.Tewet. 5772


The Israeli consumer, model 2012: He's wary, and he's mad

Marketing managers don't know how to handle the newly aware consumer. A study provides some tips.

The consumer protest of the summer of 2011 revealed that for all their pretensions, Israeli executives do not know the Israeli consumer. The impotence and frustration that triggered the cost-of-living protests that wracked Israel this last summer took them by complete surprise.
Bewildered and bemused, they're groping for new ways to speak to the people. For the nonce, many are nursing their perplexity underground, lying low until the storm passes or until they gain new understandings about consumers. While they lick their wounds and retrench, a large chunk of the companies' marketing activity has been postponed or aborted. Launches of new products have been canceled, events and press conferences have been downplayed and a sweeping prohibition has been imposed on interviews to the media….