The protesters‘ next step: Students planning strike for the end of the month

07.10.2011                      09.Tischrei. 5772                      Erew Jom Kippur

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The protesters' next step: Students planning strike for the end of the month

The social protest movement faces turning point, after last tent encampments in Tel Aviv demolished and most protesters have gone home.

The organizers of this summer's social protests are busy planning their next steps, as they are far from satisfied by the recommendations of the Trajtenberg committee on socioeconomic change. Stav Shafir, one of the tent camp protest organizers, is preparing a strike by students when the universities and colleges are scheduled to start their new academic year at the end of this month, immediately after the mass protest rally planned for October 29.
The social protest movement is now facing a turning point. The last remaining tent encampments in Tel Aviv were demolished at the beginning of the week and most of the protesters have gone home. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to push the Trajtenberg committee's recommendations through his own cabinet on Monday – and has yet to provide the protesters with any concrete results. Netanyahu appointed the committee to provide answers to the protesters' demands, but the organizers have rejected the proposals, saying the recommendations may be correct in principle, but they will do little to make any major changes in policy, or in citizens' lives….