The quiet man who’s making a storm in Israel’s Supreme Court scene: Justice Asher Grunis

17.12.2011                      21.Kislev. 5772                      Wajeshew

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The quiet man who's making a storm in Israel's Supreme Court scene: Justice Asher Grunis

Dubbed a conservative and the darling of the right wing, Justice Asher Grunis has nonetheless handed down some liberal decisions in his time. If he succeeds in becoming the next president of the Supreme Court, which way will he turn?

For many years, Supreme Court Justice Asher Grunis has evaded the media. Little is known about him beyond a minimalist resume on the court's website. Nor is it clear whether he is bothered by the brouhaha surrounding his candidacy for president of the Supreme Court.
Colleagues and acquaintances say he is conservative, lacks charisma and is devoid of courage, but others see him as a judge of conscience, honest and fair, who will be the court's savior. Some lawyers describe him as simply boring. However, his close friends portray him as amusing, witty and fond of outings. They say he was a quiet boy who liked newspapers and soccer and always wanted to be a judge. Work, they say, remains the center of his life. They add that the so-called "Grunis law" (see box ) is not to his liking, but that some people (including his wife ) will not let him pass up the presidency of the court….