The ‚radical agenda‘ of Israel’s Arab elite

27.05.2011                      23.Ijar, 5771                      Tag 38 des Omer


The 'radical agenda' of Israel's Arab elite

Dan Schueftan's new book aims to sound the alarm about what he calls the extremist threat to Israel posed by the leadership of the Arab community.

University of Haifa Prof. Dan Schueftan’s timing could hardly be better.
Only a few months after the beginning of the Arab Spring, weeks before this year’s Nakba Day – when hundreds of Palestinians from Syria and Lebanon charged Israel’s northern border, bringing the right-ofreturn issue to the forefront of the conflict – and with the Palestinians set to declare statehood unilaterally at the UN in September, Schueftan released Palestinians in Israel – The Arab Minority’s Struggle Against the Jewish State. The 844-word tome, he asserts, is the most authoritative and well-researched book on the subject of Arab citizens of Israel to date….