The silent savior of Germany’s Jews

05.02.2011                     01.Adar l, 5771


The silent savior of Germany's Jews

German Jewish businessman Wilfrid Israel rescued tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, yet little is known about him.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 777 was on its way from Lisbon to Bristol on the morning of June 1, 1943 when it was attacked by a German fighter plane. The civilian aircraft went down in flames and crashed into the sea, along with its 13 passengers and four crew members. All of them perished.

Various rumors claimed four different passengers could have been the Nazis' target: British actor Leslie Howard; his accountant, who resembled British Prime Minister Winston Churchill; a British intelligence officer; and one Wilfrid Israel, a Jewish businessmen who was working clandestinely to rescue thousands of Jews during the Holocaust era….