The spirits of the law

26.03.2011                      20.Adar ll, 5771

Judentum: Frag den Rabbi:

The spirits of the law

Do spray deodorants require Pessah supervision?

The Torah commands that we eradicate (tashbitu) all hametz (leavened bread) from our homes (Exodus 12:15), thereby ensuring that we do not violate the prohibition of possessing or consuming hametz on Pessah (12:19, 13:7). Some commentators, like Maimonides, believe that this commandment entails legally renouncing ownership (bitul), thereby severing any connection to the food (Hilchot Hametz 2:2). Others contend that the Torah envisaged a search (bedika) and destroy (bi’ur) procedure that removes the hametz from one’s possession (Ritva Pessahim 2a). In any case, all agree that the sages demanded that one perform both procedures in fear that either the legal renunciation was not wholehearted or that one may find and accidentally eat hametz over the holiday (Ran).

The sages declared that the search for hametz should take place on the night of 14 Nisan, allowing for proper attention before the prohibition of owning hametz kicks in midday on the 14th (Pessahim 4a)….