The Tisch: Where’s the meat?

21.07.2012                      02.Aw. 5772                      Matot-Massei


The Tisch: Where's the meat?

Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Friedman of Sadigora (1819-1883) questioned the customs of Tisha Be'av.

Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Friedman of Sadigora (1819-1883), who stood at the helm of the Sadigora Hassidim from the regal house of Ruzhin for 32 years, was once offered an explanation for the custom of beginning the Shabbat evening service earlier than normal on the week before the fast of Tisha Be’av. The person who offered the explanation suggested that people are hungry to eat meat after not having done so for a number of days since the beginning of the Hebrew month of Av, as per the Ashkenazi custom….