The way we were

18.09.2012                      02.Tischrei. 5773                      Rosch Haschanah 2


The way we were

The collection of Israelis’ personal footage in ‘Israel: A Home Movie’, is both compelling and entertaining.

Israel: A Home Movie
Directed and produced by Eliav Lilti and Arik Bernstein.
Hebrew title: Cach Ra’inu
Running time: 90 minutes Playing throughout the month at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.
In Hebrew, with English titles

Most movies don’t have enough to say, and you forget them after you leave the theater. But the outstanding compilation film Israel: A Home Movie is the reverse. It’s a collection of home movies by Israelis that detail personal and historical events, and it’s so packed with real drama and ideas that it will stay with you for a long, long time….