The world’s healthiest food

02.08.2012                      14.Aw. 5772


The world’s healthiest food

Spirulina tends to dominate the color and taste of dishes. How can we overcome that problem to benefit from this incredibly nutritious microalga?

There is a certain type of microalgae that is considered to be one of the most nutritious and concentrated foods in nature. No other plant or food contains such nutrients as the deep-green-colored spirulina alga. What’s more, it contains no toxins whatsoever. It is sold at health food stores as a dietary supplement in powdered form or capsules. The nutritional value of spirulina is so significant that it is worth making an effort to integrate it into recipes….

Date & spirulina cookies

Chocolate, spirulina & tahini truffles

Spirulina tahini with cashews & herbs