There’s hope for renters

15.08.2011                      15.Aw-Elul, 5771                       TuBeAw

Israelischer Sommer:

There's hope for renters

Despite forecasts of a rise in rental prices, a slight drop of 0.5% was actually recorded in July.

July brought surprising news for renters: a drop, though a modest one, of 0.5% in the prices asked for rented dwellings. Declines were registered mostly in the rents for large, four- or five-room apartments, which specifically dropped nationwide by 1.2%.
The middle class protest that broke out in July because of housing prices may have begun somewhat belatedly, as the sales market has been experiencing a cooling trend for several months now: In July TheMarker index and Yad-2 showed an increase of a mere 0.7% nationwide, and one must take into account that the prices struck in finalized deals are usually lower than the asking prices by 5% to 10%….