This Week in History: Titus breaks through the J’lem wall

04.06.2011                      2.Siwan, 5771                      Nasso; Tag 46 des Omer


This Week in History: Titus breaks through the J'lem wall

As his father sets off to claim the Roman throne, infighting among the capital's Jews gives Titus the upper hand in his siege of Jerusalem.

In the year 66 AD, a great Jewish revolt began against the Romans  in Israel. Instigated by Roman idolatry and forced taxation, the fighting began in Caesarea and spread northward into the Galilee. The revolt would last for seven years, only ending with the fall of Masada in 73. It was responsible for some of the greatest tragedies and destruction in the history of Judaism, most notably, the siege of Jerusalem and subsequent destruction of the Second Temple.
As Jewish rebels in the Galilee faced defeat in the early years of the revolt, its leaders, determined to hold off the Romans, fled to Jerusalem. It was there that many of the rebels, known as the Zealots, would make their last stand in an attempt to protect the Temple….