Top 5 Shabbat apps

14.06.2012                      24.Siwan. 5772


Top 5 Shabbat apps

Shabbat observance and smartphones diametrically opposed? These apps prove that may not be the case.

When we first started researching Shabbat applications, we too were under the impression that your iPhone (or other mobile device) has no business meddling in the affairs of the holy Shabbat, especially insofar as more religious Jews (who prohibit the use of electronics) are concerned. However, this week, you'll see how the app-creators got creative and designed several noteworthy applications that won't compromise your Shabbat observance, and might even enhance it….

Toddler’s Shabbat 

Rise and shine, shomer-Shabbat style

How-to Shabbat

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