Top leadership resigns from Egypt’s ruling party

06.02.2011                     02.Adar l, 5771

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Top leadership resigns from Egypt's ruling party

Mubarak's son, Gamal among those who step down from National Democratic Party; young party members set to replace them.

The top leadership body of Egypt's ruling party resigned Saturday, including the president's son, but the regime appeared to be digging in its heels, calculating that it can ride out street protests and keep Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in office.
Protesters rejected the concessions and vowed to keep up their campaign until Mubarak steps down, convinced that the regime intends to enact only superficial democratic reforms and keep its hold on power. Tens of thousands thronged Cairo's central Tahrir Square in a 12th day of protests, chanting "He will go! He will go!".