Turkey’s fallout with Syria overshadows the Gaza flotilla

16.06.2011                      14.Siwan, 5771 


Turkey's fallout with Syria overshadows the Gaza flotilla

The 'dear friend' Syria once was to Turkey has replaced Gaza as a threat to Turkish foreign policy and – more importantly – to Turkey itself.

The final decision on launching the Gaza flotilla may not have been made. The difficulties are clear – they reflect the complex fallout for Turkey from the situation in Syria.
Turkey has almost completely changed its position on Syria in light of the regime's killings, torture and brutal repression of demonstrations. It used to be that President Bashar Assad was a "dear friend" in the words of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. However, the Turkish prime minister has now changed his rhetoric in what may be a calculated and determined move. Erdogan now describes Syrian policies as barbaric – and has even declared that Turkey cannot come to Syria's aid in the U.N. Security Council if it continues with its repression, which is sending thousands of refugees into Turkey….