U.S.: Hamas can’t be peace partner until it recognizes Israel

25.05.2011                      21.Ijar, 5771                      Tag 36 des Omer


U.S.: Hamas can't be peace partner until it recognizes Israel

Senior White House security aide reiterates Hamas must cease use of terrorism in order to be credible partner for peace; says Netanyahu speech to Congress 'reaffirmed strength of U.S.-Israeli relationship.'

The White House declared on Tuesday that a two state solution would be in the interest of both Israel and the Palestinians, but stressed that it would not view Hamas as a partner for peace until the Islamist movement recognizes Israel.
"The U.S. very clearly believes that Hamas is a terrorist organization; that until it ceases its use of terrorism and recognizes Israel’s right to exist, that they can’t be a credible partner for peace," Ben Rhodes, aide to U.S. President Barack Obama, told reporters in London….