U.S. studio buys popular Israeli drama ‚Yellow Peppers‘

11.04.2012                      19.Nissan. 5772                     Chol Hamo'ed 3; Tag 4 des Omer


U.S. studio buys popular Israeli drama 'Yellow Peppers'

The drama series follows a family of farmers on a remote moshav in the Arava Desert as it copes with the diagnosis of its 5-year-old son with autism.

Channel 2's Keshet franchisee has sold the "Yellow Peppers" television series to the U.S. studio Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation.
Lions Gate, whose productions include the popular series "Mad Men", is working on a pilot together with Brenda Hampton, who created, wrote and produced "7th Heaven", "Fat Actress" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", as well as Keren Margalit, the creator of the original "Yellow Peppers" series in Israel….