U.S.: Syria ‚clearly‘ inciting Israel border protests

07.06.2011                      5.Siwan, 5771                      Erew Schawuot; Tag 49 des Omer


U.S.: Syria 'clearly' inciting Israel border protests

U.S. State Department blames Syria for the deaths of reported 23 protesters, but Jordan blasts Israel for the killings on Golan Heights Sunday.

The United States said on Monday that Syria was "clearly" behind lethal confrontations between Israeli troops and Palestinian protesters along the once-quiet ceasefire line between the two countries and that Israel has a right to defend itself.
"This is clearly an attempt by Syria to incite these kinds of protests," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, saying Damascus hoped to divert attention from its own internal problems. "Israel, like any sovereign nation, has a right to defend itself."
Meanwhile, the Jordanian government on Monday condemned the killing of Arab protesters by IDF troops on the Golan Heights over the weekend….