Wages director: ‚There’s no logic or justice within the public sector‘

15.04.2012                      23.Nissan. 5772                     Isru Chag; Tag 8 des Omer


Wages director: 'There's no logic or justice within the public sector'

Ilan Levin rejects the argument that the government's stance is misguided, and says there is no war on unions.

"My best friends are the union leaders. I wouldn't have survived in this position without trust and dialogue with my partners in the workers' unions. It's true that during negotiations things sometimes get difficult and leave scars, but even during strikes, you're ultimately working with people who truly believe they're public representatives."
You have to know outgoing Finance Ministry wages director Ilan Levin to understand that none of this is being said sarcastically. During his four years on the job, Levin conducted intensive negotiations with most of the country's large unions. Several of these incidents led to major labor crises – the social workers, the public defenders, the doctors. In several cases, he was subject to harsh personal attacks. But Levin doesn't consider the workers to be his enemies….