What’s changed in the world since Schalit was captured?

13.10.2011                      15.Tischrei. 5772                       Sukkot 1


What's changed in the world since Schalit was captured?

In 1,935 days in captivity, what has the captive soldier missed? Has he heard of the Arab Spring? Does "WikiLeaks" mean anything to him?

After 1,935 days in captivity, Gilad Schalit is finally set to be released as part of a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas. In the hours after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took the agreement to his cabinet late Tuesday night, which passed it with an overwhelming majority, details of the exchange started to come out – where the prisoners will be released to, stages, numbers. But what state is the soldier himself in? In addition to the years of his life, his family’s suffering and the psychological effects of his captivity, what has Schalit missed? What will he need to catch up on?
From the video which was released by Hamas in 2009, we know that Schalit is at least aware of certain details in local Israeli politics such as the fact that Netanyahu is the prime minister. But how much does he know past that? Did his captors give him regular access to television or newspapers, local or otherwise?…