What’s wrong with Israel, à-la Yaron Zelekha

03.10.2011                      06.Cheschwan. 5772                      Ta'anit BH"B

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What's wrong with Israel, à-la Yaron Zelekha

The Bank of Israel. The Finance Ministry. Manuel Trajtenberg. And you too, if you think 'two demonstrations that managed to lower the price of cottage cheese for three days is a protest.'

Despite the summer of protests when hundreds of thousands of Israelis dragged themselves off the couch and onto the streets to cry out against the cost of living, and despite the formation of the Trajtenberg committee to consider how to help the middle class, Yaron Zelekha is not satisfied.
The professor, 41, has himself been crying out against Israel's economic policy, for some eight years, and he feels the Trajtenberg recommendations don't go far enough. He suspects that, despite the formation of a committee to study economic concentration, the powers that be are afraid to dismantle the corporate pyramids that are robbing the public and sabotaging our pensions. Worst of all, we're all getting poorer, Zelekha says….