‚When to tell, how to tell, whether to tell‘

06.09.2011                      07.Elul, 5771


'When to tell, how to tell, whether to tell'

A new documentary offers a thought-provoking view of the way children and grandchildren of survivors deal with complex memories – and each other.

"Hadira" ("The Flat" ), a documentary by film director Arnon Goldfinger, opens with a situation that is familiar to many: The director and members of his family are gathered in the apartment of his grandmother, a short while after her death, in order to clear out the contents. They are opening closets, rummaging in drawers, searching through piles of books and documents, and trying to decide what to do what the huge amount of possessions that Kurt and Gerda Tuchler accumulated in the years they lived in the Tel Aviv apartment after arriving in Palestine from Germany.
"When I was a young boy, I loved to come here," Goldfinger says as the film opens. "Once a week, I'd cross Tel Aviv, climb up three flights and arrive in Berlin. Grandmother Gerda lived here for 70 years as if she had never left Germany. Despite all her years in Israel, she did not know Hebrew well, and I didn't want to learn German. So we sat and spoke in English as if we were in a cafe in Europe – with apple strudel and Swiss chocolates. But when I grew up, I thought to myself that there was always a silence about the really important things."…