Which cars will take you for a ride?

21.10.2011                      23.Tischrei. 5772                       Simchat Torah


Which cars will take you for a ride?

A record of breakdowns by a leasing agency, and anecdotal evidence from garages, shows for the first time which cars are the most reliable, and which will make your mechanic's day.

Car salesmen love to talk about performance.

If you've ever bought a new car, you know the drill. You walk in. A salesman dressed to the nines in a suit completely inappropriate for Israel's climate prattles in lofty terms about the wonders of the gleaming cars on show. Not missing a beat, he whips out the stats on horsepower, trots out a speech on the car's ESP (not extrasensory perception in this case – in a showroom that stands for electronic stability program ) and EBD (electronic brake distribution ), and name-drops other systems that leave the customer slack-jawed and impressed, and with a conversation starter at dinners ("You won't believe what our new car can do…" )….