Which party won the election campaign battle?

26.01.2013                      15.Schwat. 5773                      Tu BiSchwat; Beschalach; Schabbat Schir


Which party won the election campaign battle?

As the election season comes to a close, ‘The Jerusalem Post’ breaks down the parties’ performances.

In the spirit of the forthcoming Superbowl, critics who complain about their team’s performance the day after a big game are known as Monday-morning quarterbacks. But in politics, everyone is a critic.
There were good and bad performances in the campaigns of the 12 parties that passed the threshold. Here is a report card for each of them.

Likud: D 

Yesh Atid: A+ 

Labor: C 

Bayit Yehudi: B+

Shas: C 

United Torah Judaism: A 

Meretz: A

Tzipi Livni Party: F

Kadima: B