Winding track record

10.04.2011                      06.Nisan, 5771


Winding track record

As CityPass prepares to launch Jerusalem's highly anticipated light rail, Haaretz takes a ride with CEO Yehuda Shoshani to talk project delays, safety concerns and how to improve his company's image.

About two weeks ago, Jerusalem's CityPass workers took down the fences that had lined both sides of the light rail track running through the city streets. The train's gray cars are now exposed, in all their grandeur, and with all the dangers they pose to Jerusalem's drivers and pedestrians. Barring any unexpected hitches, on April 17, the night before the Passover holiday begins, passengers will finally board Israel's first light rail.

The person now responsible for this transportation revolution is CityPass CEO Yehuda Shoshani. In a first interview, held on the plastic-covered seats in one of the train cars, he tried to mend the company's problematic image among Jerusalem's residents….