Wine Talk: Le’haim

15.06.2011                      13.Siwan, 5771 

Gut essen und trinken:

Wine Talk: Le'haim

Over 400 studies worldwide concluded that most healthy people who drink wine regularly and moderately live longer than those who don’t.

Wine was considered one of the earliest forms of medication. The Greek physician Hippocrates recommended wine as being part of a healthy diet. The Talmud noted wine “is the foremost of medicines. Whenever wine is lacking, medicines become necessary.”
It was considered a healthier alternative to water, even until the 18th century. Water was dangerous because it carried disease. This may explain why the consumption of wine was so much greater in biblical times than today.
In the early 20th century the temperance movement became very strong citing alcohol as the root of all evil. This very strong movement backed with religious fervor, resulted in the period of Prohibition in the United States. Even today, the anti-alcohol lobby is strong, but wine has proved time and again that it should not be tarred with the same brush as alcohol and spirits….