Wine talk: Reconsider cider

29.11.2012                      15.Kislew. 5773


Wine talk: Reconsider cider

With an alcoholic content similar to beer and a wide range of styles, the fermented beverage is not another term for apple juice.

Ask most Israelis if they know what cider is, and they will most likely answer that it is a sweet, slightly viscous apple juice. A soft drink without any hint of alcohol. Go to the West Country in England or Normandy and Brittany in France, and there cider, or cidre, is an alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice, which has become part of the fabric of the two countries. ( admin: und auch in Deutschland: in Hessen "Äppelwoi", im Saarland "Viez" )….


Tura Apple Cider

Sideffect Alcoholic Cider, Dry

Sideffect Alcoholic Cider

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