Without the rabbinate, I’ll convert to Judaism

12.11.2011                      15.Cheschwan. 5772                      Wajera

Konvertieren in Israel:

Without the rabbinate, I'll convert to Judaism

Hundreds of people are choosing to skirt the official system and go through private conversions, even when the price may include deportation.

Shira and Emmanuel (not their real names) met a few years ago when Shira, an Israeli, was traveling in South America, where Emmanuel lived. They fell in love, came to Israel and wanted to live together in keeping with the religion of Moses and Israel, as the marriage vows say. Emmanuel had to convert, but his application was not approved. "We waited three years and then we decided to take things into our own hands," says Shira. "We are glad we did so, and we're only sorry we waited until we were pushed into a corner. If only we'd had the courage to do it earlier."
Emmanuel, like hundreds of other Israeli "Jews by choice," went through a private conversion and became a strictly kosher, observant Jew without waiting for state authorization. Now the two are married and awaiting their second child….