Xenophobia hits Egypt again, citizens wary of ’spies‘

15.08.2011                      15.Aw-Elul, 5771                       TuBeAw


Xenophobia hits Egypt again, citizens wary of 'spies'

Foreigners singled out as part of strategy to use media to increase fears of “other,” “deflect society away from government’s atrocities.”

Mona Youssef was in Cairo’s Tahrir Square during the 18 days of Egypt’s tumultuous uprising, braving the government forces and the mobs as she played her part in the revolution. But there was one thing she would not do: walk down the streets with anyone who looked like a foreigner. It was just too dangerous, she says. 
“One time during the protests, an American guy was coming and looked very worried,” says Youssef, 33. “He kept talking on his phone and some people came and asked him what he was doing there. He told them that he was afraid to go through the square and at the same time scared of going back to his hotel because ‘strangers’ kept coming and knocking on his door.”…