Yad Kennedy, Israel’s JFK memorial

15.07.2013                      08.Aw.5773

Entdecke Israel:

Yad Kennedy, Israel's JFK memorial

When the 35th U.S. president was assassinated in November, 1963, the planning of the America-Israel Friendship Forest was already in high gear. With the death of John F. Kennedy, it took on a new urgency.

The Jewish National Fund (JNF), established in 1902, is in the business of land reclamation. Its best-known activity is planting trees in Israel, with some 240 million trees to its credit to date. In the early 1960s, the organization’s American branch took on the long-term development of an area of barren rocky hillsides outside Jerusalem, gradually draping it with bright and dark evergreens. After the president’s death, the project was renamed the John F. Kennedy Peace Forest, and a memorial was commissioned on the rocky peak at its center. It was dedicated on July 4, 1966….