Yishai commends ‚Flightilla‘ security forces at B-G airport

09.07.2011                      07.Tammus, 5771                      Balak


Yishai commends 'Flightilla' security forces at B-G airport

Interior minister applauds security efforts both at home and abroad to prevent "Air Flotilla" as several hundred foreign activists arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport to demonstrate against Gaza blockade.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai commended the Immigration and Population Authority on Friday for preventing activists from entering the country and holding disruptive demonstrations in Ben-Gurion International Airport. 
"The Immigration department is doing a good job," he said. "They prevented a few illegal activists from entering." He continued, "We will take a firm hand against anyone disregarding [our] laws, and like any other sovereign state we will use any means at our disposal to prevent people intent on breaking the law from entering the country."…