Zvi Bar’el / Egypt’s army must now continue down Mubarak’s path

12.02.2011                     08.Adar l, 5771


Zvi Bar'el / Egypt's army must now continue down Mubarak's path

As long the state of emergency in Egypt prevails, the military can manage affairs of state unfettered by any legal problem, dissolve parliament, call new elections and form a government far from being a civilian democracy.

The revolution in Egypt is still incomplete. For now, it has resulted in a paradox. The dictator-president has indeed stepped down, but the protesters who demanded democracy are now getting a state under control of the military, an institution that by its very nature is far from a civilian democratic animal.
Even so, the joy of the protesters and their supporters is flowing free. Once again, the public of a Middle Eastern country has succeeded in instigating a non-military revolution – with no help from the outside. Once again, despite the fact that a similar revolution occurred in Iran 32 years ago, and despite the fact that the Lebanese public succeeded removing Syrian forces from their country in 2005, and despite the fact that in Kuwait, like a true democracy, the parliament has a lot of power….