Zvi Bar’el / Now that Mubarak’s gone, it’s time to purge his former supporters

23.02.2011                     19.Adar l, 5771


Zvi Bar’el / Now that Mubarak's gone, it's time to purge his former supporters

Artists seen by the masses to have supported Hosni Mubarak are now being blacklisted, a well-known process that follows any successful revolution.

The Egyptian actor Talaat Zakaria should have guessed that his name would be included on the blacklist prepared by activists of the Egyptian revolutionary movements, not only because he called the Tahrir Square protesters “drug addicts who are busy with sex.”
Three years ago, he portrayed the cook in a film directed by Amr Arafa called “The President’s Cook.” In the film, the cook tells the president the truth about the troubles that the nation faces, about the lies fed by advisers and ministers and about the terrible quality of the bread and other food products that the Egyptians eat….