‚Syrian army planting mines along Jordanian border‘

18.11.2011                      21.Cheschwan. 5772


'Syrian army planting mines along Jordanian border'

Assad government trying to prevent civilians in Deraa, city of Ramtha, from escaping deteriorating security situation, 'Al Ghad' reports.

The Syrian army planted landmines at the border with Jordan in order to "restrict Syrians access to humanitarian asylum in Jordan," a week after reports that Syria was laying explosives on the border with Lebanon as well, Jordanian daily 'Al Ghad' reported Wednesday.
Syria was laying mines on its border with the Hashemite Kingdom in order to prevent Syrian evacuees from the Deraa governate and the city of Ramtha from entering Jordan, according to an informed source speaking on condition of anonymity to 'Al Ghad'….